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Gundam Pilot Aesthetic [Notion Template]

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Gundam Pilot Aesthetic [Notion Template]

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The Year Was AC 2023...

Let's get ready to grow in the new year!

Easily customizable gundam pilot template to help you organize your life and focus on your school/studies. Includes a fun interactive dashboard with gifs and aesthetic static images of your favorite Gundams and pilot Heero Yuy, and every page has been accented with some of Wing ZERO's colors!

Made to be simplistic and easy to edit/move things around for a more personal touch. Drag in your favorite databases from last year, and watch everything align. 🔥

Use the University section to take notes during classes and keep track of schedules and assignments that you can follow on the calendar. The main page's calendar also features a TV guide that can be edited, so you never miss an upcoming episode! Simply select the "View" you want to track without worrying over tag sorting.

Some additional sections include: a Reading page to track your anticipated upcoming books, what you're currently reading and some of your favorite quotes, a mini journal to track your moods/highs+lows, easy added tasks and reminders, daily/hourly time schedules, and more! Has been edited in a way that when you set your focus on your day, it will reflect automatically with synced blocks on your main page of the dashboard.

Another popular database feature includes one for your upcoming daily habits/tasks you'd like to manage, with an easy reoccurring placement on the main page, so you're always reminded to do your best throughout the day! 💪💪💪

Let's work hard to make Operation 2023 a success!

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A customizable Notion Dashboard with multiple pages set to help you plan and organize.

Manage Calendars
Track Habits
Reminders & Goals
Media Pages for Books/Shows
Playlists For Studying & Downtime
Focus on University/Studies
Tracker For Classes, Assignments, Schedules, Grades Management
Take Notes Per Individual Class & See Most Recent At A Glance
Essay Planner For Studies Help
Daily/Weekly/Yearly Planners With Progress Bars & Lists
Hourly Management With Easy To Create Dupe System
Reoccurring Tracker For Daily Habits
Future Pages For Dreams/Bucketlist
TV Show Episode Tracker Within Calendar
Synced Blocks For Easy At A Glance "Daily Missions"
Multiple Views In Sections
Simple and Broad Setup So You Can Drag In Old Databases Or Grow With New Ones
Cohesive Coloring For Wing ZERO Theme
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