Pastel Blossom Aesthetic [Notion Template]

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Easily customizable aesthetic template to help you organize your life and hobbies. Cute pink dashboard theme with florals, and accented with pastels!

Animated garden of koi that follow you, space clock, and daily weather widgets [able to be edited].

Aesthetic gifs for the main navigation and cute icons for different sections.

Lots of misc sections with example pages, databases that are easy to modify to your tastes, and synced lists for easy access. Some additional sections include: Media gallery for tracking your tv shows/anime, movies, and dramas, a book library with reading challenges, finances for budgeting and keeping up with your online subscriptions, a wishlist, a mini journal, habits and health trackers, monthly and weekly planner that is heavily ingrained in the calendar, a package tracker, tasks and reminders, and more!

Many varying Views of database content for organizing your tasks and navigation, and with lots of room for growing in the future.

The more you use the Planner and Calendar, the more refined the dashboard can become! 💖 Example here.

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A customizable Notion Dashboard with multiple pages set to help you plan and organize.

Planner with monthly and weekly views
Daily Tasks Tracker
Customized full calendar
Media and reading libraries to organize your content
Reading Challenges
Mini Journal / Self-care page / Fitness tracker
Hobbies / Goals Tracker
Finances / Budgeting / Subscription Tracker
Plant Tracker
Synced lists between tasks and reminders
Multiple views added between groups
Clock and weather widgets
Pet fishies that follow your mouse cursor
Resources list for widgets and icons
Ideas for additional content you might want to add

Pastel Blossom Aesthetic [Notion Template]

0 ratings
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